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Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a new generation marketing. Every company how wants to do business needs at least a web site to promote their services or products. Many companies ell their items online by using some type of shopping cart software.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not as easy as it was just few years ago when we just set up meta tags and keywords and you got visitors. Today the most import parts are the inbound and outbound links.

Koszo Productions can provide you high quality search engine optimization. Big SEO companies outsource their job to us mostly because we follow the changes of the search engines and our experts have been doing search engine optimization since Goggle was born

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click advertising is part of Interactive Marketing. Pay per Click campaign can help you bring visitors to your side by placing your link to top of the search page as a sponsored link.

Koszo Productions can help you to find the best keywords to use for your pay per click campaign. We not just set your keywords up but closely monitor you account and make possible changes and updates.

Our goal is to set up your effective pay per click campaign by researching your keywords, bidding and visitor stats.

Social Media Optimization

Everybody is a member of a social media like My Space, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Social Media is one of the fastest growing industry. Social Media Optimization means your web site is easily linked to and social media visitors can leave a feedback, forward your content. Koszo Productions can optimize and manage your web site and make sure it is ready for the newest online trend.

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