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Business Card Design

Koszo Productions is a professional Marketing and Advertising Agency Naples, Florida

We are offering unique business card design to be different than all the others who are using design template business cards.

If you want something different, standout and easy recognizable you are on the right place. At Naples Web Design Firm we can do it for you.

The Procedure of Business Card Design

You need to send us your corporate logo (if you don't have one, we can design one), description, your wishes and instructions.

In five days you will receive between two and four business card designs from which you can choose. After three days you will receive three modifications of the chosen business card design. Upon your approval you will receive your high resolution, printing ready business card.

Business Card Tutorial

Business cards are especially important if no one can spell or pronounce your name, making a quick Goggle search a bit more daunting than it should. Furthermore, business cards can set a first impression quickly.

Business cards are printed on some form of card stock with exact parameters dependent on national or local norms, the desired effect and method of printing, and cost. The common weight of a business card may vary on your location. Generally, business cards are printed on stock that is 250g/m2 (weight) or 12pt (thickness). In the western area of the United States, however, it is more common to print business cards on stock that is 300g/m2 (weight), 14pt (thickness) or even 16pt as is the case with premium print shops.

High quality business cards without full-color photographs are normally printed using spot colors on sheet fed offset printing presses.

When cards are designed, they are given bleeds if color extends to the edge of the finished cut size. (A bleed is the extension of printed lines or colors beyond the line where the paper it is printed on will be cut.) This is to help ensure that the paper will cut without white edges due to very small differences in where the blade cuts the cards, and it is almost impossible to cut the cards properly without. Just being a hair off can result in white lines, and the blade itself will pull the paper while cutting. The image on the paper can also shift from page to page which is called a bounce, which is generally off by a hairline on an offset press, but can be quite larger on lower end equipment such as a copier or a duplicator press. Bleeds are typically an extra 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 in to all sides of the card.

  • Bleed Size: 3.759 × 2.25 in (1⁄8 in bleeds) (95.25 × 57.15 mm)
  • Cut Size: 3.57 × 2 in (89 × 51 mm) (Depend on typography request)


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