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Brand Development

A brand is not just a name or a logo. The symbol for a brand is its trademark.

The brand itself is all the tangible and intangible attributes that are the essence of a company, its heart and soul.

The brand is the foundation on which every customer experience with the company is built.

Having unearthed the insights and identified the strategies that will move your business forward.

Brand Development Steps:

  • Identifying the brand’s core values (For example: customer satisfaction, honesty)
  • Research (find your strengths and weaknesses)
  • Find your target (which segment of the market you want to attract customers)
  • Brand proposition (Promises for your customers. For example: if you buy our product you will have access to an award winning customer service)
  • Find your message (Find a unique message help identify you)
  • Communicate your message (You have to be able to attract potential customers with your message. MAke sure it is simple and easy to remember)
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